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Welcome to Mobile Auto Detailing, I specialise in professional mobile valeting and detailing in and around Harrogate and Yorkshire. Being mobile means I come directly to you at your convenience. There is no job too big or small, whether you have a large family who eat breakfast on the way to school, have four dogs who moult all year round or have a classic hidden away that needs a professional touch, I'm your guy. My customers are extremely important to me and I will go out of my way to make sure your needs are not only are met but smashed out the park. I've been a mobile car valeter and mobile detailer professionally for 3 years and a prior 5 years in the trade, I'm IMI qualified with a distinction pass certified qualification and fully insured!



Basic inside and out clean

Starting From £35



Thorough inside and out

Starting From £70

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Deep clean inside and out

Starting From £160

Which valet do I need?

Mini Info
Premium Info

My Premium valet is brilliant for those cars needing a little more time in every department. For example if a car isn't regularly valeted muck will build up both inside and out making it harder and longer to clean. This service is also the go-to if your cloth seats need warm-solution extraction removing stains and the exterior getting a full wax making the vehicle look amazing.

Signature Info

This is my trademark valet, a complete deep clean of every aspect of your vehicle, a full day if needed is used to completely pamper and treat your vehicle to the best valet its ever had. 5+ Hours completely dedicated to your vehicle covering every aspect. This package also has the best value for money with many special added features like an advanced underbody contactless wash, full vehicle decontamination including chemical (iron and tar removal) and physical (clay bar) followed by a very light machine polish to remove any light marring caused by the clay, interior plastics protected with UV protectant and much more.

How much is a car valet

Prices for valeting can vary quite drastically, I do have set prices laid out which range from £35 all the way up to £200 but every car is different and most importantly everyone's needs and budgets are different, if your vehicle is in an especially bad condition then for obvious a mini valet which is aimed at already maintained/tidy vehicles won't cost (for example) £35 as it will take a lot longer to complete. My prices are based on how long it takes to complete a specific vehicle and job, products, fuel, insurances and so on. My set prices (Mini Valet, Full Valet etc) are a ball park figure and may change upon viewing the vehicle if more time is needed due to condition. The most important thing is for you to let me know what your needs are. Feel free to get in touch either via my contact form at the bottom of this page or through Text or WhatsApp, I'd be more than happy to help and always available for questions or free no-obligation quotations.

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What's the difference between Valeting and Detailing

There is a big difference between valeting and detailing, valeting is the common term in the UK for services such as washing, drying, hoovering and cleaning plastics etc. Valeting for the most part is to remove dirt and grime from the interior and exterior of the vehicle. For cleaner cars this is usually a straight forward task but when a vehicle hasn't been looked after it can be a lot harder and more time consuming to complete because of things like excessive baked on brake dust on the alloys, extreme exterior algae build up, layered greasy interior glass and interior ingrained dirt and muck in the carpet fibres, just to name a few.

Detailing is usually a more in-depth process which mainly focuses on removing imperfections, enhancing paint gloss/clarity and applying protective products that enhance and/or protect your vehicle inside and out. This includes machine polishing, scratch removal, paint enhancement, paint correction, wet sanding, paint protection such as waxes or a ceramic coatings, interior hydrophobic fabric protection and much more.

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