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Terms And Conditions

Please read my terms & conditions carefully before you book any services.

By booking my services and ticking the box "I agree to the terms and conditions" you're agreeing to all my terms set out below.

Due to insurance purposes and safety for myself and the vehicle I will not valet, detail or conduct any sort of service to a vehicle parked on the road side with flowing traffic driving beside me.

I always try my best to be on time to every booking but sometimes due to traffic or getting stuck behind the odd tractor this is impossible, if I am going to be late or my previous job has run slightly over you will receive a text letting you know I will be slightly late.

My job and the quality of the service usually depends on the weather on that current day - for example for obvious reasons if its thundering and raining I will likely reschedule your booking to my soonest available date. I also reserve the right to reschedule at any time although very rare.

I cannot stress this enough: If the vehicle is in especially bad condition either on the exterior or interior extra charges will occur. Extra time and products will absolutely be needed to shift grime and dirt that has been ingrained into carpet fibres, wheel wells etc. If we agree a price over the phone or online and I arrive at the job and its a lot worse than expected/described I will let you know it will cost extra before any work is undergone.

If payment is agreed to be paid via invoice after job completion the invoice must be paid within 30 days of the invoice being sent, after this time period a small claims court process will begin with the customer being responsible for all of my court fees and their own.

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